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Private sessions can be at an individual or group level.  HELD AT THE WATERLOT TRAINING CENTRE, AT DOCK LEVEL - 62 WATER ST. EAST LITTLE CURRENT, ONTARIO
Individual or groups up to 3 people $50 per session (approx. 2 hours)
For larger groups please contact us for pricing.
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Getting Connected Social Series Tuesday Thursday This series will show you how to connect through the various type of social media available today. Having family far away is now much easier as you can see them face to face. We will also show you how to attend future classes right from your own home
Google Hangouts 13-Sep 15-Sep This class will teach you how to get connected face to face with family and friends. This will also allow you to attend some classes from your home - the class on Sept 15th will be done from a variety of sites
Social Media 20-Sep 22-Sep We will review over these two classes face book, twitter, texting, pinterest
Cell Phones 27-Sep 29-Sep These two sessions will show you how to utilize your cell phones and all their functionality. This DOES NOT INCLUDE FLIP PHONES
Ipad/Tablets 4-Oct 6-Oct These two classes will review use of your ipad or tablet. Showing how to use them for different functions such as borrowing library books on line
Frauds and scams 11-Oct This class will provide you with how to avoid frauds and scams and identify current scams happening in the area.
Getting Connected - Living Healthy Series Tuesday Thursday This series is about how to get to a ripe old age and be healthy along the way. No one wants to be 85 and not be able to have a great lifestyle
NorthEast Local Health Integration Network (LHIN)by Health line 13-Oct This is a website that will connect northerners to the home and community care services they need to stay healthy and independent at home.
Healthy eating on a fixed income 18-Oct 20-Oct These classes will show you how you can eat healthy on a fixed income as well as showing you how to access coupons on line to help reduce costs
Stay on your feet 25-Oct 27-Oct These classes will show you how to avoid slips, trips and falls as well as how nutrition plays a big role in your staying on your feet. Plus how to search for some great online videos for exercises
Cooking for one 1-Nov 3-Nov These classes will show you how easy it is to cook easy nutritious meals for someone living on their own. Using the internet and pinterest to help find fabulous recipes
Getting Connected - Finances (there are no limits to class size for this series) Tuesday Thursday This is a series of classes based on the government of Canada seniors website. We will provide you with info on how to access and put a link on your PC to this website
Budget in a Baggie* 8-Nov This is the starting point of the budget in a baggie series - there will be 2 more over the course of November and December
Internet Banking 10-Nov This will show you how easy it is to bank on line. There are so many things you can do from paying bills to easily transferring money between accounts or to others.
Managing and protecting your assets* 15-Nov 17-Nov Power of Attorney - and what mistakes to avoid
Planning for possible loss of independence* 22-Nov Power of Attorney - Personal Directive (different from POA for finance) and what mistakes to avoid
Planning for your future housing needs* 24-Nov
Budget in a Baggie - part two - a follow up 29-Nov We will use your computer or lap top to help you start tracking if you wish to do so
Live long and prosper* 1-Dec A class on 5 smart strategies to make your money last as long as you do
Life Annuities* 6-Dec A guest expert will come in to explain what life annuities are.
Financial abuse* 8-Dec How to identify and avoid
Planning ahead - funerals and wills* 13-Dec This class will talk about the new laws that have come into play since Jan 2015 related to plots. Our guest speaker (from Island funeral home) will also provide lots of valuable info on things you can do now to plan ahead.
Income and benefits from government programs* 15-Dec What all is out there and how to ensure you get the most benefit
Budget in a baggie - final* 10-Jan This session will end the budget in a baggie series and you will now have knowledge of your spending patterns and will be given some ideas on where how to change should you identify areas you wish to change
* These are all topics that are part of or based on the Government of Canada Seniors series (www.seniors.gc.ca). I will be using the documentation they have provided me for these sessions
Getting connected - computer series Tuesday Thursday This set of classes will show you how you can use the power of your PC for all kinds of great things from typing a letter to creating a spreadsheet.
Documents 12-Jan how to create letters on your PC and how to attach and send them via email
Spreadsheets 17-Jan how to create spreadsheets on your PC and how to attach and send them via email
Managing email 19-Jan email - you get a lot!! How to manage them, file them and get rid of those you don't want to get
Photos 24-Jan how to get them off/on your cell phone and onto your computer, how to attach and send them in a text or email
Internet - browsing and finding what you are after 26-Jan general rules on how to use the internet searches to your advantage to find what you are after. We will also show you how to tag certain sites that you like so they are easy to get to.