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The Entrepreneurship Fund is for businesses that have operated for at least 2 years, for up to $100,000 in grant funding per project, at up to 80% or 90% of costs, for projects lasting up to 12 months and that start in late winter. This is likely a one-time intake with deadline of November 15th. It is likely to be competitive, and the assessment criteria are on the website but priority applicants are: Diverse women entrepreneurs (including women with disabilities, Indigenous women, women in rural or remote regions, as some examples); Businesses with products and/or services related to one of the Economic Strategy Table sectors (agriculture, food, advanced manufacturing, biomedical, as some examples); and Projects seeking to pursue market opportunities abroad. Eligible activities are the pursuit of market opportunities abroad or business scale-up, expansion and growth.  Eligible costs are flexible.


The Ecosystem Fund (Regional Stream) provides grants to non-profits to provide enhanced business supports and services to women entrepreneurs. This stream will probably have less demand on it, and is a 4 year program potentially rather than a one-time like above. Eligible costs are flexible on this as well. Eligible activities are: Initiatives to support women in traditionally underrepresented sectors; Networking, matchmaking, and mentorship opportunities; Incubator and accelerator programs; Initiatives to support the participation of diverse and underrepresented women in entrepreneurship; Efforts to scale up programs that support women entrepreneurs across regions and on a national basis. There doesn’t seem to be any limit on the funding amounts or percentages on the projects.


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