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Giving Back: BoobScarf Campaign

The Boobscarf campaign has taken a rest for the last couple seasons but will be reinstated again in 2019.  The way the campaign works is that for every $20 boobscarf sold, the $20 is matched.  We only look to sell 25 boobscarves with each campaign.  The lady who embroidered the boobscarves is no longer in business so once the scarves I have are gone, a new campaign, which will focus on makeup for women dealing with cancer will take over.  We have given $6000 to date with the boobscarf campaign, with funds going to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Manitoulin Health Centre, and Northern Cancer Foundation (Sudbury Breast Screening Program)

2016 BoobScarf Campaign

Photo courtesy of Tom Sasvari, Manitoulin West Recorder

A local group, spear-headed by Barbara Baker, recently sold Boobscarves during Breast Cancer Awareness month raising money for the hospital’s chemotherapy program. The group raised $500 through the sale of scarves and two local businesses provided matching funds bringing the total donation to $2000. Blades & Things (Mrs. Baker’s husband’s business) contributed $500 while corporate partner, Manitoulin Transport contributed $1000 to the cause.

Appearing in the picture from left to right are: Angela Becks (MHC Fundraising Chair), Lynn Foster (VP Support Services & CFO) and Dale & Barbara Baker.



Annually the BoobScarf campaign generates $2,000 through the sale of 25 boob- scarves—$500 in sales from the scarves, matched by $500 from Blades and Things and then matched by a Manitoulin company (last year, Manitoulin Transport donated the $1,000 match).

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