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Looking for a public class? From the Getting Connected Social Series, to the Living Healthy Series and Money Management, view all the classes available here.

View a list of all the available classes available to you and your organization. I offer both group classes and private classes. 

Are you looking for a private lesson? Take a look at all the classes available and then contact me for more details on how we can work together.

"Barb provides valuable information. I feel more confident that my will, estate and finances are in order."
Workshop participant


Do you want to focus on an area of your personal estate, will or finances? Sign up for a private lesson so we can focus specifically on your concerns.

Public workshops

I provide regular public workshops specifically designed to help people retire with ease and less stress about their estate and money. 

Enjoy retirement without worry

Why worry about your estate and money when you retire, when you can plan ahead and learn how to retire stress-free.

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