Money Management

Do you Know:

Do you know how to get there?

Your grandparents and great grandparents did not have the same opportunity to get themselves into major debt as you do today. Parents and youth of today have been given EASY ACCESS to credit. CREDIT IS, for the most part not a good idea.

Retail companies around the world spend millions of dollars targeting youth to spend money they don't have. Millions of dollars a year is spent on "tracking the stars of today" or showing what the millionaires have, why? Because the retailers of the world want you to think you should have the same things that the stars and people with money have. Do you know what? they have done an excellent job! (but they have spent millions of dollars to ensure it does work).

Youth of today have been sold "entitlement", not only directly but via their parents as well. Parents have been sold "entitlement" through advertising as well, where they too think their children are entitled to things so they get them for their children (and most often put themselves into debt to do it). But entitlement comes at a cost, a big cost to parents and their children.

In order for the retailers around the world to get you to buy their stuff you have to have money. What did they find out when they started trying to sell you stuff? that you did not have the money so what was created? CREDIT - buy now pay later.

Always remember this rule: If what you are buying you are not paying cash for or putting it on anything but your pre-paid credit card, you have not managed your budget correctly!