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Seminars to secure your future

$UMthing is an educational seminar series for students. The goal of the seminar is to provide students with information, hints and tips to help them manage their money. Our main goal is to start money management just at the point when they will begin to earn money and to get them to avoid credit card and unnecessary debt; to secure their financial future.

Money Matters Setting Your Financial Goals

The educational series is presented in 5 parts:

(*it is recommended a parent or guardian also attend)

$umthing New Series

Due to overwhelming requests from our educational series, a special series called $umthing new has been added. This special condensed segment is directed towards adults.

  • Know how to determine their spending habits and patterns
  • Know how to create and follow a simple budget
  • Know how to get back on budget if they get off track
  • Learn how to spend effectively
  • Get some hints and tips to help them in their buying/spending decisions
  • Learn about identify theft and how to avoid it
  • Learn some easy ways to start saving and paying down debt
  • Figure out that they need to send their high school aged children to a $umthing seminar so they can get on the right spending track as soon as possible

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